Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Behind the Chinese spectacular growth of the last 25 years is the size of it population, maybe 1,5 billion people. (more than the 1.3 billion official number)

Contrary to common thinking, CHINA has not the cheapest labor force in the world.
China has transformed into the largest factory of the world, which offers companies a workforce which is docile, courageous and competent, result of strong discipline imposed by the government.

The other great influence lies in the migration of hundreds of millions of farmers to the cities. This migration was justified by adoption to capitalism rules and the end of subsidies for the farmers. It is the largest migration in history, which a number which goes between 90 to 300 millions people going to live in the cities. It is now estimated that 50% of the population live in urban areas

China has 400 million people between 20 e 39 years (only 110 millions  in Europe)

The immense productive power of this workforce has transformed the Chinese workforce into the major labor resource of the planet.  The way they will use this workforce will determine the future of China and the future of the world

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